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The company was established with the aim of localizing the world's latest technologies in the production and commercialization of medical diagnostic products and stared its activity in the direction of supplying part of the needs of medical diagnostic laboratoris in the country.

During our continuous activity,we succeeded in patenting international patents and setting up a fully mechanized production line of all type of immunochromatography kits by taking advantage of nanoparticle technology,and today,with the wide varirty of our products in 16 high-quality diagnostic types,we are known as one of the successful manufacturers of diagnostic products.

Hormon Diagnostic Kits

Drug of Abuse Diagnostic Kits

Infection Disease Diagnostic Kits

Cardiac Marker Diagnostic Kits

Toxins&Medicines Remnants in Food



We At ZistAbzar.with the scientific power and experience of the founders of the company in the field of diagnostic products,were able to identify the gaps in the market by compiling a written program and provide appropriate solutions to respond to them.

In this way,we not only examined the new advanced technologies of the world,but also studied the facilities and infrastructures In the cuntry and the methods of rennewing and updating them.

We have taken a big step towards the production of quality and competitive products at the internationoal level with a firm determination and continuous effort.And we are proud to patent and produce advanced products in several different areas,including:


We in the zistabzar,by innovating and relying on the lasest research in the field of medicine,have simplified the methods of working with products and increased the accuracy of their responses. By using nanoparticle technology in making diagnostic kit,we not only minimized their response time,but also increased their detection accuracy to 99.8%. Teh high quality of test detection bands is one of the other achivements that we have achived by using modern production and laboratory equipment.In order to gain the confidence of customers and to consider the general health of the society,we have obtained the necessary standards for a quality and worthy product.All the products of the Zist abzar are approved by the ministry of Health and Medicine of iran.



of ZistAbzar

-The knowledge of nanoparticles has been used in the production and design of diagnostic kits.

-The accuracy and reliability of all diagnostic kits have been increased to 99.8%.

-Rima diagnostic kits require minimum resonse time.

-All the products of this company are approved by the general directorate of medical equipment of iran.

-The company has the honor of coopreating with reputable scientific research centers,such as

comprehen-sive research laboratory and tehran university ofmedical sciences.


Nanoparticle are used in these tests as asubstrate with a high surface-to- volume ratio,mobility,and color creation agent. These use diferent nanoparticles such as gold nanoparticles and fluorescence nanoparticles,and have the ability to perform qualitative,semi-quantitative and quantitative tests.

Diagnostc molecules in their simplest form are monoclonal antibodis and their fragments, which can also be replaced by 3D printed spatial structures,nucleic acid fragments, ather ligands, and aptamers.Rapid tests can detect a wide range of substances including hoemones,various proteins and antigens,resiues of toxins and their metabolites,dyes,residues of antibiotics and protein factors of infectious diseases.currently,the use of these tests is expanding rapidly due to the ease of use and the lack of expertise of the tester, and it is likely to become a widespread tool in the future.

Making kits Using

 Nanoparticle Tecnology

Nanoscale certificate freom the nano technologies devlopment headquarters,scientific vice president-

Standards of ISO13485 in the field of medical equipment -

GMP satndard according to most moder production conditions -

Quality management system(ISO9001) and registration of customer complaints(ISO10002) from IMQ Italy-

License to manufacture medical from the ministry of health and medical education of iran-



By getting to know and evaluating the market of other countries and participating in regional exhibitions, we intend to dicover ways to be present in international markets and to enable the export of our products to all parts of the world.In this way,we have increased the efficiency at the forefront and striving to implement it,and by using expert for ces and continuous training of personnel. Therefore,keeping in mind the principles of customer orientation,we have launched a customer complaint follow-up  system in order to satisfy them and ensure that customer'needs are met, to get to know the tastes of users and to take a step forward in improving the quality of products. 

Rapid Test assay are precise,cheap fast and portable compared to other diagnostic methods and are used in many field such as medicine,veterinary medicine, food and pharmaceutical industries.These tests require a small amount of specimen to show results.On the other hand,these test are qualitative and are usually able to detect the substance in question within 1 to 10 minutes,which depends on the type of test and the type of specimen.Another advantage of rapid tests id that no special experience or skill is required in using them,and any untrained person canuse them easily by reading the instructions in each test.These tests are a type of POCT tests,that is,tesets that patients or people who use it do not need a doctor's reference or specialized laboratories to diagnose the target substance,and can be done at any place and time they need. Use these tests and see the results.

Today,many tests to diagnosis various substances,including some hormones,drug,pathogenic agents and food and water contaminating agents,have been made with this method and are used in most countries.these tests have been able to show acceptable results in measurements and screenings,which caused the health organizations in most countries of the world to issue a license to manufacture and use them in clinics and paraclin-ics.Due to the wide range of substances that can be detected by this method and its easy use,in recent years,the desire of people in most countries,including iran to use these tests has increased.